Madame E – Mirco Magnani+Ernesto Tomasini

Madame E. is a musical setting of Georges Bataille’s “Madame Edwarda”, a short novel that interlaces themes of eroticism, religiosity and death, and was written under the pseudonym Pierre Angelique in 1941, during the occupation of Paris. Composer Mirco Magnani wrote eleven electronic pieces and presented them to actor/singer Ernesto Tomasini who turned them into […]

Othon – Dawn Yet To Come – featuring Ernesto Tomasini

Othon – Dawn Yet To Come – featuring Ernesto Tomasini Director: Predrag Pajdic Director of Photography: Lois Froud Editing: Predrag Pajdic & Sebastian Collins Post-Production: Shot on locations in Paris, London, Salvador and Algodoes, Bahia, Brazil Year of Production 2013/2014

AIDA con Ernesto Tomasini

Ernesto Tomasini will make his debut in his hometown Palermo, with an extravagant and provocative Aida directed by Roberta Torre. Ernesto Tomasini artista di culto all’estero debutta nella sua città di origine Palermo, con un’Aida stravagante e provocatoria con la regia di Roberta Torre. Un’Aida storicamente favolistica, un viaggio immaginario nell’antico Egitto, una provocazione, un’invenzione […]

Ernesto Tomasini for ThePinkSnout

Ernesto Tomasini exclusive interview for the pink snout  photo by Hector De Gregorio 2012 interview : Ernesto as a young boy…what kind of teenager were you, what did you wear, what kind of music did you listen to and what were your ideals? As a teen-ager I had the very lucky opportunity to live […]

Othon & Tomasini ‘Impermanence’

The official video for the song ‘Impermanence’ by Othon, sung by Ernesto Tomasini. The track is taken from the album of the same name, available now on Strike Force Entertainment through Cherry Red Records. The video, with Othon Mataragas and Ernesto Tomasini, is directed by Chiara Ambrosio, make-up by Hermes Pittakos and choreography advice […]

Novö Yūrei (post-cartoonist shunga)

On Saturday, September 3rd, Fredster will take part, together with musician Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, to the audio/video performance NOVÖ YŪREI (a post-cartoonist shunga), at Magazzino sul Po, in Turin, in the context of the IMAGO event of the Varvara music festival.

Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks

Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks OUT NOW! Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks is the book by Predrag Pajdic and JL Nash featuring many extraordinary people such as international artists, performers, dancers, composers, writers, poets, lovers and next door neighbours, who stole from their time, injected their passion and spread their enthusiasm in creating […]

Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes

Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes – Othon & Tomasini   The official video for Othon & Tomasini ‘Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes’ from the album Impermanence. Directed by Peter Harton. The digital single featuring Marc Almond and Ernesto Tomasini is available to download from iTunes and the album can be […]